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This toolkit supplements The Guide to Evidencing Benefits of Change in Higher Education.  You will find a range of supporting materials to help you implement an evidencing benefits approach and use the methodology to maximum effect.

The toolkit has two main sections:

About the Guide

The Leadership Foundation is delighted to have been able to fund the Guide’s development as an essential tool for those involved in initiating, implementing and understanding the impact of change. It builds on an earlier Guide to evidencing the benefits of business process improvement, using case studies and mapping tools to really show how these approaches – often seen as rather abstract - can be used to help shape and communicate the benefits of real-life change initiatives. If you’re not sure how to describe the anticipated benefits of change or assess their impact, then this Guide will help in discussions with your immediate team and wider stakeholders to get under the skin of what you’re trying to achieve.

Director of Membership & Organisational Development, Leadership Foundation