Benefits Realisation Spreadsheet

What is this?

The Benefits Realisation Spreadsheet supports the collation of measurable benefits across all change initiatives in order to collectively contribute to institutional and sector reporting. It provides you with a quick reference on the number and type of measurable benefits that are achieved across all the initiatives, with a straightforward audit trail of how they were calculated.  The figure below provides an overview of the typical information recorded in a Benefits Realisation Spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet is the most simplistic form of data management which can be enhanced to suit the needs of your institution. In institutions were there are many change initiatives taking place, or large scale transformational change, more sophisticated data management approaches may be required.

Benefits Realisation Spreadsheet

Change Initiative

Student Application Process

Student Application Process

Benefit ID



Measurable Benefit

Improved application rate

Staff capacity savings

Description of Measure

Proportion of applications submitted to applications started

Staff time spent answering helpdesk queries per application

Baseline Calculation

Applications started=23,930

Applications submitted=12,812

Application rate=54%

Average processing time per application= 8.5 minutes

Total number of queries per year = 15,285

Total staff time=2165 hours

Post improvement calculation

Applications started=24,925

Applications submitted=18,343

Application rate=74%

Average processing time per application= 7 minutes

Total number of queries per year = 6,842

Total staff time=798 hours

Benefits Realised

Application rate increase of 20% points

1367 hours saved

For grade 5 staff:

£17,771 saved


What does the tool help achieve?

Drive institutional reporting

Using the Benefits Realisation Spreadsheet encourages the consistent reporting of what is actually achieved from change initiatives and in this way helps you embed a benefits-driven culture. Ultimately the information collated in the tool makes institutional reporting a much more straightforward and accurate exercise, and one that is far less time consuming than interpreting a variety of different report styles from each business area.

Inform the delivery of the institution's strategic objectives

The tool provides a wealth of information to help understand if the change initiatives are contributing towards achieving your institution’s objectives. By reflecting on the range of benefits realised for different types of initiatives, you can learn what works for your institution and improve the initiative selection process.

Tips when using the tool

  • Keep the spreadsheet as simple as possible to encourage users to enter the essential information
  • Create a definitive list of measurable benefits which users select from a drop down menu, and allow free text descriptions of the measure. This encourages users to remember the distinction between the two, and aids reporting on the benefit types across all initiatives
  • If appropriate considering hyperlinking to any sources of raw electronic data on a shared server such as completed Manual Data Capture Sheets or data extracts